About Us

About Us


Zookies is dedicated to creating products that encourage kids to explore their imagination, discover the arts, and find new forms of self-expression. Why? Well, we're pretty darn sure that when kids do this right brainy stuff today, they will become the innovative thinkers, concise communicators and clever problem solvers of tomorrow. Zookies was founded in 1999 by Lora Jakobsen. Lora wasn’t even a mom when she started creating products for children. It was the creative spirit behind each product and how that would help children develop a curiosity about art that led her to begin designing. Lora was the original designer of the Chalk Board Placemat, Chalk Board T-Shirt and Chalk Board Lunch Box and Zookies was one of the first companies to start using flexible chalk boards in children’s products.

We care about our footprint, so we produce our products locally. We use recycled paper on our tags and catalogs. And we use biodegradable packaging when possible. We think children should be protected from harmful chemicals in products and food. We would love to help families have an organic garden to feed their children, fresh eggs or organic honey to sweeten their food. If you stop by our retail shop, you can find out more information about these sustainable ways of living chemical free.

We support work at home moms by offering their products in our retail shop in Toluca Lake. If you have a product you’d like us to consider, please send us an email zookiesstore@gmail.com.

Mission and Passion

We believe it is good to let kids get dirty or help you cook even if it takes longer. We believe that cats can be purple and mash potatoes make great sculptures. We believe in letting kids try and fail or try and succeed on their own by letting them make their own oral reports and science projects. We believe kids can use utensils properly and can help do chores. We believe if kids are allowed to “do” they will become confident, creative and problem solvers. If we let little minds be creative who knows where it will lead them? We want to see.

It is our mission is to create products that encourage creativity, exploration and discovery. Our mission to share ideas that enable parents to understand their children’s needs at each developmental stage and how to best guide them through self-discovery and build confidence.

We believe it is about having fun with your kids while inspiring them intellectually and creatively. 


We believe in giving back and taking care of women and children at home and around the world. We support local education, art and sports programs. If your school is in need of funding, click here to read about our “help a school out” program.


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Contact Us

Click here to email with any suggestions, comments, or questions you may have or please feel free to give us a call at (818) 404-9185.


If you are interested in carrying Zookies products in your store, please feel free to contact us for wholesale pricing and policies zookieskids@gmail.com.