Visiting Paris or Copenhagen with Kids

guide to paris for kidsIf you ever find yourself traveling through Europe, kids in tow…check out these helpful english language guides for Paris and Denmark.  The best English language blog on what to do with kids in Copenhagen is Mini CPH. They have a fantastic interactive google map with easy to follow icons for cultural places of interest, play grounds, outdoor nature exploration and even eating and shopping for kids.

If you are planning on going to Paris with your kids, we love this guide. The Little Bookroom Guide to Paris with Children focuses on what sophisticated parents with good taste want to know: how to see Paris’s most important sights and neighborhoods in a child-centered way.

Here is a great blog post on a few secret spots, bike tours, and maps to get when you are in Paris traveling with kids.

One of our favorite places to go is Deyrolle Paris – in the St. Germain Neighborhood. Deyrolle -  is incredibly astonishing. Real Animals are staged artistically in visual scenarios.  Kids can see animals up close and safely experience the whole animal like no where else.

If your little one like to cook – here are some cool cooking schools for kids.  Most classes are 2 hours and have some interesting ingredients!!

Happy Travels! Relax, Enjoy, Explore and Discover Europe with your kids.

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