DIY Summer Celebration

Lemonade party ideaSummer is still here whether your kids have started school or not.  Here are few of our favorite pins to inspire a DIY summer party celebration.  Use recycled materials to create this old fashion wooden DIY lemonade stand.  Kids love painting and building things, so get them involved. The whole family can enjoy this DIY party project that guests will delight in.

DIY center pieceThese easy to make flower centerpieces are eye catching and fun.  Just get some tissue paper in your favorite color.  Fold a ton of times keeping on end as the center. Cut petal shapes on the other end, put a string around the middle and tighten. Fluff up the flower carefully to open the blossom.

For food and a fun back drop, use colorful yellow and white wrapping paper to create a hot dog stand.  Use red paper to cut out letters to spell HOT DOG.  Then fill up stand with delicious organic chicken or all beef dogs with a ton of unique toppings.  Old fashion hot dog stand is great for kids parties. Here are few yummy combos that we like: Crispy onions & remoulade, salsa & avocado, bacon pieces & scallions & sour cream, coleslaw & blue cheese and  arugula & prosciutto.

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