Enjoy the Quiet Moments

Lunch waiting for guests

Lunch waiting for guests

I was really inspired by this weeks wordless Wednesdays topic…quiet. I looked through my photos and saw these special moments captured before people arrived…a party waiting for guests, a classroom waiting for students, a bicycle waiting to be ridden, a kitchen waiting to be cooked in, a dock waiting to be walked on and a path waiting for people to stroll down it.  It is these quiet moments that I witnessed, enjoyed and wanted to share with you.  In the chaos of life, remember to take quiet moments and enjoy the peace!

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2 Responses to Enjoy the Quiet Moments

  1. What a fantastic compilation! I love the quiet moments now that I have kids. I really to savor them now.

  2. I adore this post. What beautiful (and quiet) surroundings you have!

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