We are so excited to have created a space for children to come to explore, discover and create. We have many different classes for all ages to enjoy. Our goal to offer our community affordable classes, a place to meet other families and for children to have the opportunity to learn something new that inspires them for their future. If you’d like to register, please call (818) 404-9285 or stop by the Toluca Lake store located at 4510 Forman Avenue. All of our classes are between $5 – $15.

Our Morning Classes are for the little ones. Exposing your child to art can greatly influence their creativity later in life. Even at a young age, children learn through observation. If you attend regularly children can learn valuable patience and listening skills which will help their attention when they go to pre-school.

Froggy’s® Story Art & Craft (ages 1+ ) $10/class – Tuesday at 10 am
Froggy’s exposes our youngest children to many elements of art while they get to express individual creativity and make new friends! This is an interactive Story Art Time taught by art instructor Ashlee Rose. She will teach children basic drawing, painting, crafting skills and the use of art tools. Each week is a new book with a craft and is lots of fun. Children learn to love reading & art with Froggy’s Story Art and Craft class now at Zookies.

Architect Tot – (18 mo+) $10/class – Wednesday at 10 am
Little minds discover fundamentals of life such as gravity, balance and develop fine motor skills while having fun exploring different building materials and methods of construction.

Kinder Musik (3 mo+ – 4 yr) $15/class – Thursday at 10 am
Kindermusik Village: A Bonding ExperienceThe Kindermusik Village class provides a delightful environment through a unique blend of multilevel activities that include creative movement, vocal play, object and instrument exploration, and a colorful literature component, baby’s growth and development are stimulated and all senses. Kindermusik Village is for lap babies, crawlers, and walkers. It incorporates the most current research on early childhood development and provides families a special place for learning and connecting with other parents and babies through music and movement.

Tiny Toes – Ballet for Tots (Ages 2-3) $15/class – Friday at 10 am
Bring little ones in to learn ballet basic and begin to fall in love with its grace a beauty.
Students will learn the basics of ballet: posture, positions, pleas, leaps and spins. Come dressed in Leotard and Tutu. Parents will be invited to attend a Class Performance on last Saturday after class ends.

Tuesday – Saturday we host an OPEN ART time from 11 – 2pm.

Each day of the week offers a different material for kids to explore. Tuesday is Sculpting with dough, Wednesday is Painting, Thursday is Collage, Friday is beading and stamping and Saturday we offer a family project which usually involves sewing and wood construction. Weekdays $5 per artist, Saturday $10 per family.

Our afternoon classes are for children over the age of 4. These classes are perfect for after school activities. Try sewing, science or our manners class.

Mad Science ( 5 – 8 yrs) $12/class – Tuesday at 3:30pm
Young scientists explore and discover how things work, build a hypothesis and test their theories in these super fun classes cesigned to introduce children to the fundamentals of chemistry and physics. Materials are included in class fee.

Froggy’s®“Did you Make That”Art Class 5+ – Wednesday at 3:30pm – $15
Children will thrive in this invigorating art class for artists 5 years and older. Taught by instructor Ashlee Rose, this class teaches children to find their inner creative talents through drawing, painting, crafting and sculpting. They will also learn various art styles and techniques while exposing them to many artists. Your child will come home with amazing pieces of art work and information. The class objective is to further exercise and develop their creativity, imagination, self confidence, art skills and knowledge.

Sewing & Design ( 5+) $12 – Wednesday at 4:30
Students will learn the basics of hand stitching, learn to thread a needle and sew simple dolls, pillows, embellish t-shirts and jeans. We will touch on fabrics, patterns and design techniques.

Mind Your Manners – (5+) $12/class – Thursday at 3:30 pm
Through role playing and games this class will teach children the proper etiquette of greetings, introductions, table manners, being a good sport, family life and public places. This class teaches traditional etiquette with an updated and modern approach appropriate for young ladies and gentlemen of the 21st century. The children will be sent home with a good manners chart to plot their progress at home as well a set of rules they will learn so that they can be reinforced at home. The class will culminate with a formal dinner at a local restaurant which parents will be invited to attend to view their children’s new fabulous behaviors. The Dinner is an additional cost which will be discussed in class.

Stop by the store or call us to register (818) 404-9185.

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