Avoid Over Scheduling Kids

After school activities for kids  in DenmarkBrace yourself because back to school means that after school activities are back and parents become taxi drivers again. There are so many choices from soccer & swimming to ballet, karate, art & piano.   How do we determine which sport they are talented at or what musical instrument they should play.  It can be overwhelming and understandable that parents want their kids to try “everything” to see what they really enjoy.  But having stressed out and over scheduled children is not the answer; limiting activities is.

How do we avoid the chaos that is about to ensue? Here are a few tips on how to avoid over scheduling and enjoy back to school time. We have come up with a helpful easy to remember rule called 1,2,3-3,2,1 for determining how many activities to sign your kids up for. If you’re a family with one kid = maximum of 3 activities for your child, two kid families = max 2 activities for each child (with a bonus if they can do an activity together or at the same location – you just gained extra free time or room for 1 more activity). And if you have three+ kids then 1 activity for each child is a good rule.  Look if you can handle more that is great, but remember kids need time at home to do homework and also to unwind and relax like adults do. So, use this as suggestion guide to help you avoid the stress. And remember there is always next season or next year for those horseback riding or sailing lessons you have always wanted them to try.

This back to school – give yourself and your kids a break! Let us know if you have any suggestions or rules that you use to keep your families activities under control.

P.S. Enjoy your back to school!

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2 Responses to Avoid Over Scheduling Kids

  1. We always have karate and religious school plus one more sport. That is the max they can handle!

  2. My oldest does baseball and that’s it. Even that is more than I can handle. haha

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