Zookies Chalk Board T-Shirt

Zookies Cupcake Chalk Board T-Shirt

Welcome to Zookies Blog. We are super excited to share tips and tricks to have fun with your kids while inspiring them intellectually and creatively.  It is our mission to share ideas which enable parents to understand their children’s needs at each developmental stage and how to best guide them through self discovery and build confidence.

Lora Jakobsen founded Zookies in 1999, when she had the idea of creating a t-shirt on which kids could draw.  Zookies chalk board t-shirt was a hit and quickly spurred the invention of the chalk board lunch box and the award winning chalk board placemats. These were and still are the corner stone of the Zookies product line.  Over the years, the company has developed many products which all have the same goal in mind; the development of creative little minds.

Zookies mission is to create products that encourage kids to explore their imagination, discover the arts, and find new forms of self-expression. Why? Well, we’re pretty darn sure that when kids do this right brainy stuff today, they will become the innovative thinkers, concise communicators and clever problem solvers of tomorrow.

Zookies products are sold all over the world at leading department stores, high-end childrens boutiques, catalogs and through the Zookies website.

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