Use “Fall”en Apples to Decorate

fall apple treeIf you have an apple tree overbearing fruit this fall, use those non-edible ones to create a fall feeling in your garden.  Perfect easy craft for Thanksgiving day decorations. We used our extra apples to surround the bottom of a tree planter near our front door. It says, “Welcome to fall!” to folks passing by or stopping for a visit.

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Visiting Paris or Copenhagen with Kids

guide to paris for kidsIf you ever find yourself traveling through Europe, kids in tow…check out these helpful english language guides for Paris and Denmark.  The best English language blog on what to do with kids in Copenhagen is Mini CPH. They have a fantastic interactive google map with easy to follow icons for cultural places of interest, play grounds, outdoor nature exploration and even eating and shopping for kids.

If you are planning on going to Paris with your kids, we love this guide. The Little Bookroom Guide to Paris with Children focuses on what sophisticated parents with good taste want to know: how to see Paris’s most important sights and neighborhoods in a child-centered way.

Here is a great blog post on a few secret spots, bike tours, and maps to get when you are in Paris traveling with kids.

One of our favorite places to go is Deyrolle Paris – in the St. Germain Neighborhood. Deyrolle -  is incredibly astonishing. Real Animals are staged artistically in visual scenarios.  Kids can see animals up close and safely experience the whole animal like no where else.

If your little one like to cook – here are some cool cooking schools for kids.  Most classes are 2 hours and have some interesting ingredients!!

Happy Travels! Relax, Enjoy, Explore and Discover Europe with your kids.

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Trick or Treat This Halloween

Halloween Witch Fingers

Trick: Are you tough enough to eat witch fingers?? Hint: these aren’t real fingers, they are yummy sugar cookies with pumpkin seed finger nails.  Here are a few more things to trick and treat you this Halloween…[INSPIRATION] Treat: Visit one of our fav Halloween pinerest boards.  [FOOD] Treat:  Bat cookies for your Halloween party.  [CRAFTS] Treats: And a ton of fun Halloween DIY crafts for your kidos to create this week.

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Wordless Wednesday – Discovery

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Enjoy the Quiet Moments

Lunch waiting for guests

Lunch waiting for guests

I was really inspired by this weeks wordless Wednesdays topic…quiet. I looked through my photos and saw these special moments captured before people arrived…a party waiting for guests, a classroom waiting for students, a bicycle waiting to be ridden, a kitchen waiting to be cooked in, a dock waiting to be walked on and a path waiting for people to stroll down it.  It is these quiet moments that I witnessed, enjoyed and wanted to share with you.  In the chaos of life, remember to take quiet moments and enjoy the peace!

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Avoid Over Scheduling Kids

After school activities for kids  in DenmarkBrace yourself because back to school means that after school activities are back and parents become taxi drivers again. There are so many choices from soccer & swimming to ballet, karate, art & piano.   How do we determine which sport they are talented at or what musical instrument they should play.  It can be overwhelming and understandable that parents want their kids to try “everything” to see what they really enjoy.  But having stressed out and over scheduled children is not the answer; limiting activities is.

How do we avoid the chaos that is about to ensue? Here are a few tips on how to avoid over scheduling and enjoy back to school time. We have come up with a helpful easy to remember rule called 1,2,3-3,2,1 for determining how many activities to sign your kids up for. If you’re a family with one kid = maximum of 3 activities for your child, two kid families = max 2 activities for each child (with a bonus if they can do an activity together or at the same location – you just gained extra free time or room for 1 more activity). And if you have three+ kids then 1 activity for each child is a good rule.  Look if you can handle more that is great, but remember kids need time at home to do homework and also to unwind and relax like adults do. So, use this as suggestion guide to help you avoid the stress. And remember there is always next season or next year for those horseback riding or sailing lessons you have always wanted them to try.

This back to school – give yourself and your kids a break! Let us know if you have any suggestions or rules that you use to keep your families activities under control.

P.S. Enjoy your back to school!

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DIY Summer Celebration

Lemonade party ideaSummer is still here whether your kids have started school or not.  Here are few of our favorite pins to inspire a DIY summer party celebration.  Use recycled materials to create this old fashion wooden DIY lemonade stand.  Kids love painting and building things, so get them involved. The whole family can enjoy this DIY party project that guests will delight in.

DIY center pieceThese easy to make flower centerpieces are eye catching and fun.  Just get some tissue paper in your favorite color.  Fold a ton of times keeping on end as the center. Cut petal shapes on the other end, put a string around the middle and tighten. Fluff up the flower carefully to open the blossom.

For food and a fun back drop, use colorful yellow and white wrapping paper to create a hot dog stand.  Use red paper to cut out letters to spell HOT DOG.  Then fill up stand with delicious organic chicken or all beef dogs with a ton of unique toppings.  Old fashion hot dog stand is great for kids parties. Here are few yummy combos that we like: Crispy onions & remoulade, salsa & avocado, bacon pieces & scallions & sour cream, coleslaw & blue cheese and  arugula & prosciutto.

Click here to visit our pinterest board for more inspirations.





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Back to School Fashion for Kids

rainbow of rain boots CIFF back to school
With back to school just around the corner, we wanted to share some fashion trends from Europe to get you inspired. Last weekend we roamed the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) and found the latest trends for Fall and Winter 2013. Some trends we spotted were: Brightly colored boots, STARS on shoes…on headbands and on blankets…and light colored outfits layered with sweaters highlighting “Pale Pink” as the hot color for adults and kids. But the neon 80′s craze is still beaming its way into many collections. Take a peek and start making your shopping list for back to school clothes!
Noa Noa AT CIFF stars on high tops - hot trends for fallrunway at CIFF 2013Creamie at CIFFRock'n Lullaby - Made in Italy

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Dog Days of Summer

summer activities for kids Its summer and my two favorite things I remember from childhood are being barefoot and swinging in a tire swing.  Make sure to stop running and let your kids swing this summer!!

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Healthy Breakfasts for Families

It’s summer time and the perfect time to try new things. So here’s a fun tip on how to spruce up your ordinary oatmeal and make it deliciously healthy!

Pictured above: Steel Cut Oatmeal with flax seed, cocoa nibs, goji berries, hemp seed and almonds.  If you drizzle a little pure maple syrup over the top, kids might not even notice the healthy nutrients they are devouring! Delicious and Nutritious!

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